Cadillac Celebrates 120 Years of Design and Engineering Innovation

2023 Cadillac Lineup | Beloit, WI

Since the brand’s inception 120 years ago, Cadillac has been synonymous with style, innovation, and luxury. Here’s how this legendary automaker is celebrating this landmark anniversary.

A legacy of innovation.

Cadillac made a splash by being the first brand to introduce a mass-produced V8 engine, bringing the thrill of high-performance driving to motorists across the country. The brand also made waves with its Cadillac V16, which lived up to its name by being the first-ever V16-powered production passenger car. As the years went by, Cadillac blazed new trails with technological feats like the HydraMatic fully automatic transmission and the recent introduction of Super Cruise hands-free driving technology.

The models that define Cadillac.

To commemorate the brand’s 120th anniversary, Cadillac executives Michael Simcoe and Bryan Nesbitt put the spotlight on 12 of the nameplate’s landmark vehicles. These legendary models include the 1927 LaSalle, designed by industry leader Harley Earl, along with the classic 1959 Eldorado. In the modern era, the execs highlighted the CTS-V Coupe and Wagon, as well as the stunning CELESTIQ EV.

Over the past twelve decades, it’s evident that Cadillac has led the way with trend-setting designs and industry milestones. If you’re interested in a cutting-edge model with top-of-the-line luxury, check out our inventory at Bud Weiser Motors in Beloit, Wisconsin.

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